Samba Drumming ++

Led by Dave “Marshall” Barrett – sound system DJ, music teacher, jazz musician, CWR and Hillz FM radio presenter, and great drumming group leader. It’s gonna be great – spread the word in and around Canley! 🙂

The workshops are free, at 7pm every Monday through the summer holidays, and we are being Covid-careful (measuring how well ventilated the space is; sitting 2m apart from each other, and advising people to wear masks if they can).

  • 26th July – Canley Community Centre, Prior Deram walk
  • 2nd Aug – St Stephen’s Church, Charter Avenue near the chip shop
  • 9th Aug – Canley Community Centre
  • 16th Aug – St Stephen’s Church
  • 23rd Aug – Canley Community Centre
  • 30th Aug – St Stephen’s Church

No experience needed – and there’s an optional performance on 4th September as part of the Canley Parade

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