Making up home packs

Hello again everyone!

We have a number of Big Things made for the parade, and some more that are half-made; we have a Samba Band coming together; and we have a route. Now we want to make sure that people who live along the route have a chance to be involved ‘from their doorsteps’ as we walk past on September 4th.

Here’s a video made by Viktoria Sesi, showing how to use the contents of the packs to make a couple of celebratory Top Hats and some quick paper plate hats also 🙂

Seven of us helped make up “home creativity packs” for families and other residents who live along the route of the Parade, and others. We met to do this at Canley Community Church at 10am on Thursday 26th August – now we will distribute them in time for residents to make hats or masks or something else with which to join in the parade from their doorsteps as it goes past. Let us know if you can help!

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